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Rockabye Beats creator Marcos Valles witnessed the power of music bringing people together, at a very young age. Marcos was born in Puerto Rico, and descends from a long line of musicians. He remembers the joy and the sense of belonging he felt as a little boy, singing in his mother’s children’s choir and dancing along to the famous musical jams his family would put on. That influence has stuck with him all these years and played a role in his love for teaching children. Marcos founded Rockabye Beats following a 15 year career as a drummer, singer, and songwriter whose works have been included in television and film. His education includes a bachelor’s degree in music and acting from Emerson College in Boston, MA, and since 2013 he has been honing his craft as a child music educator. Marcos hopes to recreate that fun, family atmosphere where he learned about music for young children who are experiencing it for the first time. As a result, Rockabye Beats is more than just an entertaining music program – It’s a place where friends are made and families grow closer by creating music together!


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Marcos Valles

Marcos Valles is a professional musician, performer, and teacher based in Boston, Massachusetts. Born in Puerto Rico, he grew up alongside a mother and grandmother that sang, a grandfather that played guitar, and uncles that played bass and harmonica. It was through these family jam sessions and church performances where he began to understand the importance of music at a very young age. He recognized the power of music as a universal language that brings people together and creates lasting bonding relationships. This upbringing, coupled with his career as a drummer, singer, and teacher, inspired him to start Rockabye Beats. His musical interests range from The Police and Juan Luis Guerra, to Ennio Morricone and John Williams, to Juanes and Bob Marley. His goal is to inspire and encourage music in children’s lives, while at the same time creating a lasting bond with families.