Our music makes everyday a Fiesta!

Our Music

At Rockabye Beats, we recognize that children love contemporary music just as much as adults do. We also understand that this is the perfect time for your child to experience a second language. Our Spanish infused songs aren't watered down or one-note, but rather they're catchy and fun, and very often make you want to dance a cha cha. No matter your age, our original music is enjoyable for the whole family - after all, it's better when you can share it together!

The Benefit

Our songs and activities create the foundation for music appreciation and also foster a deeper bond between children and their caregivers. While the program is entirely in English, we do sprinkle in some Spanish vocabulary to harmonize with our latin island beats. Similarly, we encourage our guest musicians to share a little of their culture and heritage when they visit. We inspire our niños (and you!) to sing, dance, move, ask questions, learn other languages,  and play while at the same time introducing them to musical ideas such as melody, rhythm, tempo, and pitch.

Our Performers

Our performers are professional musicians and artists who know how to expertly engage the room, and create an unforgettable experience. Our program is entertaining, educational, and community-building, all rolled into one!


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Our program is head & shoulders (and knees and toes) above the rest!

Our unique experience includes:

Spanish Language
Freestyle Dance
Instrument 'Show & Tell'
Musical 'Story Time'
Guest Performers
Music Jams
Quiet time/dream land
And much more!

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